Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Another Summer Vacation...

One of the best things about summer vacation is that I can get SO many projects completed. This time last year I was making lots of fabric flowers for my wedding. In addition to making new items for my Etsy shop, this is the summer of quilting and lots of little projects. 

I have one friend who gave me a giant milk crate of t-shirts to make him a custom t-shirt quilt. 

I went to Goodwill today to poke around and I found this t-shirt. Loved the color, but thought it was kind of blah. Using a tutorial I found here I fixed it up! 

I also found this great Mickey fabric at the fabric store, and HAD to make them into baby toys for a friend of mine. I made the small ball using a tutorial I found here. I followed the tutorial exactly, but I didn't put circles on either ends of the ball. 

Be prepared - new Etsy items coming soon! 

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