Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fabric baby books

Right now I had several friends with babies on the way. Naturally I am making baby gifts for them and I am addicted to making fabric baby books. It started with this cute book panel I found at JoAnn Fabrics.

After making this book I decided to move on and try my hand at making a baby counting book. I found an easy tutorial here.  These are all the pages that I decided to make. All the pictures were made with scrap fabric that I had laying around, except for page 10. I sewed on snowflake buttons instead. Quite frankly I didn't want to sew 10 anythings onto a page. 

One big difference between my project and the tutorial was that I lined each of the pages with left-over flannel I had. 

This page is my favorite! 

Unfortunately, because I lined the pages with flannel, they were REALLY thick and I couldn't get the book through my sewing machine. From the picture you can see that I had to hand stitch the binding on. I think it turned out okay despite my okay hand sewing skills. 

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