Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer quilting

There are many joys of being a music teacher, but what's one of the best? Summer vacation. It's the perfect time of year to sit down and crank out projects that just couldn't get done during the school year. My list is long, but so far, I have two   projects knocked off my list. I made two quilts as gifts and today I put the labels on them. This is a good feeling because it's like signing your work and I know that the quilts are officially finished.

One quilt was a baby quilt for a good friend of mine and the other was a wedding gift. I'm an avid follower of the OhFransson blog and both patterns are Elizabeth Hartman creations. I just love her quilt designs! The pink quilt pattern came right from her blog here. I modified both the backing and size, so it was crib size. The teal quilt came out of The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman. Both of these quilts had very easy directions and made it incredibly easy to make. 

The teal quilt was a great challenge for me because of all the piecing and lining up all the squares. I am a perfectionist so if one set of squares didn't line up, I was quick to pull out the seam ripper and try again. It got easier as I got farther along with it. It was great practice and I feel much more confident now about lining up seams. 

The baby quilt was just another quilt that gave me a chance to continue my free motion skills (which are still mediocre at best). Any quilt that I can free motion is great practice to hone in on my skills. I have several projects in the making at the moment, posts about them will be up at some point. 

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