Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Many have you have heard about the terrible fires in the Austin Area. It's such a shame and prayers go out to all the families. This is what Austin looked like today (no I didn't take the photo). 

While looking at this photo, my music teacher self just broke into song "Fire in the mountain, run boy run! Cat's in the cream jar, run girls run!" For those who know the reference you get 10 points! For those of you who don't, it's from the good ol' folk song "Jim Along Josie". 

I was working and dealing with extra crazy children because they were not allowed to go outside for recess due to smoke in the air. I had one 4th grader today who just couldn't sit still. I asked him several times to stop rolling on the carpet and his response "I can't help it. I'm extra wiggly today! We didn't get recess!" At least he was honest.

I have been suffering from horrible allergies because the air quality is so poor right now. I feel like I have a cold it's so bad. In the midst of everything I made more progress sewing the quilt binding onto the quilt. I also made two new onesies.

This one is for sale on my etsy shop.

This was a custom design for a friend of mine. 

I will be resting the rest of the night. No sewing, no batiking. I am even skipping samba rehearsal because I feel that bad. 

Sewing = fun 
Sewing + feeling bad = no fun

Stay healthy Austin. 

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