Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scrap Quilting has Begun!

In between batiking and starting to plan my curriculum for the upcoming school year, I am starting to work on the quilt top with all the scraps that I cut out a while back. The quilt pattern is a bit more complicated than expected, not because of difficulty, but because of lack of space. I don't have the ability to lay out all the pieces ahead of time so I can see how it's going to look. What I'm doing instead is cleaning our bed off, laying out three rows at a time, taking pictures of the rows and stacking the fabric back up and setting it aside. I reference the picture when I need to start adding new fabric to the rows. But why not lay the whole quilt out a head of time, take a picture of the whole thing and then just set the fabric aside? I could just reference that picture instead, right? Yes, I thought of that, but I can't lay all the fabric flat! From the pictures below, you can see that the quilt top doesn't lay flat on our bed. Instead I'm just doing it a little bit at a time. Hey, it's worked thus far! 

I clean off our bed and lay the rows out. 

These are the rows I laid out before stacking the fabric back up and setting it aside. 

 Here is the start to the quilt top. 

I'm really excited about this quilt because, so far, I haven't had to buy any fabric for it! You can use your imagination to picture what the end result will be because I'm not going to post anymore pictures until the quilt top is done! Happy sewing! 

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